In Ministry Support


FMBC has many opportunities for volunteer or leadership participation.  Whether it be children or youth ministries, office or technical support, we always welcome people with a godly passion to assist others.   Below is a list of available opportunities to become involved:



Children's Ministry


Children’s ministry is always looking for volunteers, people who have a passion for teaching children about Jesus Christ.  At FMBC, we have Sunday School classes from bed babies to sixth grade.  We major on teaching children the great stories of the Bible.  Our goal is to train all of our children to be able to recite the Bible narrative from Creation to Christ.  We also offer midweek activities and occasional enrichment activities for our children so that they grow up with the opportunity to accept the salvation and Lordship of Christ in their lives.  To learn more about opportunities for service in children’s ministry, contact John Lay.




Youth Ministry


Youth ministry is a developing ministry.  We have a fairly large number of culturally diverse youth - second generation Hispanics, African Americans, Africans and Anglos.  Our challenge is to bring them together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ into a single group.  We are currently looking for a team of people who can make this happen.  If you are interested, contact Tim Ahlen.




Church/Office Support


FMBC is always looking for people who have administrative, secretarial, construction, repair, or cleaning and decorating skills.  If you know your way around the computer and have some time to volunteer, contact Tim Ahlen.




Website Support


FMBC is also looking for someone who has the time to tweak our new website on a regular basis, keeping it fresh and up-to-date.  If you think you can do it, contact Tim Ahlen.