In Discipleship


we believe that discipleship should lead to the rapid multiplication of new disciples


Discipleship at FMBC is about more than just the transfer of knowledge.  We believe that discipleship should lead to the rapid multiplication of new disciples.  This happens as a result of believers being obedient to Christ.  Don’t get us wrong - we do not believe that our good works gives us brownie points with God - we are saved by grace through faith - alone! 


On the other hand, we just believe that when Jesus said we are to do or believe a certain way, He really expects us to do it or believe it!  Consequently, we practice what we call “obedience-based discipleship.”  In other words, we teach our members, without becoming legalistic, how to experience the joy of being obedient to Jesus Christ.  We do this in a variety of formats:



Sunday School Classes


Our Sunday school classes are graded so that the entire family can participate!




Home Groups/House Churches


Home groups/house churches are off-campus meetings where the Christian life is lived out in a local and intimate community of believers.




Men’s and Women’s Groups


These groups meet during the week in a variety of places to teach gender-specific issues from a biblical perspective.




Support Groups


We also have support groups such as SAFE (Stable And Free Eternally), Peacemakers and others that teach people how to use the Bible to give them the support they need to make it through life.




To participate in or volunteer to help lead one of these or a different small group, contact John Lay.