In Local Missions


If you have come here, you are probably one of the many people in our city who believe the church ought to be a place of service, not just a spiritual country club, where people get their needs taken care of. 


At FMBC, we believe we ought to spend our time taking care of others’ needs.  How can you can help?  Below are some of the volunteer opportunities.  If your passion is to do something that’s not on the list, chances are we can help you fulfill your passion.



Church Planting


Our Pastor, Tim Ahlen, is a church planting strategist who has twenty-five years of experience in starting new churches.  He is an internationally renowned trainer and coach, and has a heart for supporting believers with a passion for church planting.  In the Lake Highlands area, there are more than 42 different language groups who need to be evangelized.  There are lots of opportunities for church planting among our apartment communities.  Or, you may be interested in starting a house church.  Or, you might want to plug into one of our local missions congregations.   If God is calling you, contact Pastor Tim.  He can help.




Apartment Ministry


We are currently ministering to children and youth at the Pleasant Woods Apartments.  This ministry includes a Saturday afternoon Kid’s Klub.  We also provide tutoring and mentoring for these kids and youth, as well as occasional activities.  Last year, we met one young man who made it all the way to the sixth grade without ever having learned to read.  He started coming by our church facility on Church Road for tutoring , and in less than a year, he has learned enough that he is soon going to read the Bible in public worship for us.  We are always looking for volunteers who can mentor, tutor, teach the Bible and just be a friend to these kids.  We are also interested in expanding the ministry to other apartment properties.  Contact Bob Paramore if you are interested in plugging in here.



Nursing Home Ministry


One of our greatest fears as we grow older is that we will find ourselves needing the care of a nursing home.  Even when the best of care is provided, residents of nursing homes find living there to be a lonely and  stressful experience.  FMBC helps to enhance the lives of nursing home residents by providing worship and ministry at the Walnut Place Nursing Home near Presbyterian Hospital.  Each Sunday morning, a team of volunteers goes over to this nursing home and leads the residents in singing and worship.  Occasional visits during the week add to the experience of these very needy senior adults.  To join this ministry team, contact Mary Ellen Paramore.



Cross-Cultural Ministry


Because FMBC is so close to the Vickery area of Dallas, we have lots of opportunities for cross-cultural ministry.  Within our zip code, there are 42 different languages spoken in the home.  Many of these people are recent refugees from places like Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia, Nepal and other places around the world.  They need help adjusting to life in America and most of them need to establish a relationship with Christ.  At FMBC, you can learn the skills needed to interpret the culture from a  person’s country of origin and then communicate the gospel in meaningful ways.  To inquire further about our opportunities in cross-cultural ministry, contact Sid Morrison.



Addiction Recovery Ministry


Because addiction is such a problem in this country, FMBC offers an addiction recovery ministry, known as SAFE (Stable And Free Eternally).  Unlike some other addiction ministries, we believe that when you combine good behavior with the transforming power of Jesus Christ, you can find freedom from addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, etc.  With Jesus, you do not have to get up every morning confessing, “I am an (alcoholic, drug or porn addict).”  Instead, you can quote Jesus, who said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!”  If you need help  with your addiction, email Pastor Tim, or call him at 214.403.8283.



Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center


We provide funding and volunteer assistance at this very important Dallas ministry.  Thousands of innocent lives are saved each year because of the compassionate ministry of Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center.  To volunteer, contact Sid Morrison.



Network of Community Ministries


The Network provides benevolent assistance, like food, rent and utility assistance, to needy individuals and families.  It is through this organization that FMBC does most of its benevolent work.