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Churches come in all sizes and shapes, and do all kinds of things to attract people.  At Forest Meadow Baptist Church, you may be attracted, but it won't be because of our plush facilities or extensive programs.  What you will find attractive is that you will have opportunities to get your hands dirty in missions and ministry.  That's because at FMBC, we equip you to follow Jesus from Dallas to the ends of the earth.  If you desire to follow Jesus in a meaningful way, join us at one of our special monthly preview services. 


In the last six years, Dallas has been changing.  More than 170  distinct ethnic people groups live in the homes of our city.  Forty-four percent of the people in our city speak some language other than English in their homes.  150,000 of our residents are first generation Africans.  And everyone of them needs to hear about Jesus.   Join with us as we "re-launch" our church.  Forest Meadow is positioning itself to be the multiethnic, missional church of Lake Highlands.  If you are tired of or turned off by "church as usual," come be a part of our missionary force.  We are multiethnic, multi-congregational, missional and serious about being SENT!


SENT! Series Messages:

September 20, 2009 - "SENT to Serve"

October 11, 2009 - "SENT to Reconcile"

November 15, 2009 - "SENT to Transform"


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