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2012 Winter Adult Bible Study Classes


Adults can now choose from three different classes, each with a different emphasis:


  • Biblical Perspective on Personal Financial Management - taught by Ben Davidson.
This class will help you figure out how to pay off your Christmas debt in the short term and how to achieve your log term financials in the long term-- according to teaching from the Bible.
  • First Things First - taught by Sid Morrison.
 We are all all familiar with the term "last things," referring to the end of time following the return of Jesus.  Well, this is a fascinating study of the first time various principles and commands and patterns are laid down in the Bible, and how those first principles never change, once God reveals them. 
  • Through the Bible in Six Weeks - taught by Tim Ahlen
In this class, each participant will learn a Bible story called "Creation to Christ."  By the end of the six weeks, each person will be able to tell the entire Bible story in about fifteen minutes.


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