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Marriage: Civil or Sacred?
Pastor Tim Ahlen

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Five Congregations- Five Languages!

The FMBC facility actually houses five different congregations. Each has its own language, pastor, members, and leadership.  But we all worship under the same roof-- a reflection of what Heaven will be like. 
As part of the FMBC family of churches, we count the following:
  • Forest Meadow English-Speaking Congregation-
  • Iglesia Jesucristo Mi Nueva Vida (Español)-
  • First Sudanese Baptist Church  (Arabic/English)-
  • Oromo Baptist Evangelical Fellowship (Afan Oromo)-

We also make our facility available to the Dallas International Seventh Day Adventist Church (Swahili/English) on Saturdays.  Thabisa Masina is the pastor.  Their website is

Vacation Bible School
Ages 6-12
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FMBC will be entering a float in the annual Lake Highlands July 4th Parade from 9:00-10:00..  Look for us as we travel down Church Road.  Or. . . come visit us from 10:00-12:00 at our booth kocated at the Lake Highlands Rec Center!

Adult Bible Fellowship Groups. 
9:30am-10:30am Sundays.
Summer  Classes going on now



Great Commission Initiative 
GCI is a missional training organization founded by Pastor Tim Ahlen,  and leading missions strategists  Tom Billings, Margaret Slusher and Jim Slack.  Its purpose is to ignite church planting movements among the unreached people groups of North America. For more information about how you can become a part of a global missional movement,  go to

God's Chosen People

6:45 pm

What does the Bible say about God's chosen people?  Some questions to be answered are:
  1. Was the original covenant with Israel eternal and unconditional, or was it temporal and conditional?
  2. Is the nation of Israel today the same Israel  spoken of in the Bible?
  3. Was the original covenant with Israel fulfilled at the birth of Jesus? In what way?
  4. In what ways does the Church  function as Israel? 
  5. What did it mean to be God's chosen people before Christ? After Christ? 
  6. What is the true Israel? How is it different from national Israel today?
  7. Do God's promises to Israel apply to only the true Israel, or also to the nation of Israel today?