Children and Youth


all of our studies are Bible-based and designed to help your child...


Children are important to us at FMBC.  Growing up in our world today is an especially perilous venture.  Parents can’t do it alone.  Neither can schools.  And neither can churches.  It takes all of us to raise your child.  FMBC does this in at least three ways.


First, we provide Sunday School and mid-week (Wednesday) and weekend activities for children from infants to youth.  All of our studies are Bible-based and designed to help your child successfully navigate the hostile world in which we live.


Second, we provide parents with biblical and practical helps for raising your children.  Too many parents try to “go it alone” with their kids, not taking advantage of the encouragement and training that a church like ours provides.  We give special support to single parent and special needs families.


Third, all of our children's ministries reflect our commitment to intercultural discipleship.  That is, every activity includes children of Black, Anglo, Hispanic, and African cultures.  A major component of our teaching helps kids understand and relate positively to the mosaic of cultures that make up our church and community.