the first goal of disciple making is to make disciples of all people groups around the world


We believe that the first goal of disciple making is to make disciples of all people groups around the world.   Given the reality of our limitations, we realize that we must begin by making disciples of the people groups who live in our city.   We believe that the best way to make disciples is through small groups.   Small groups are defined as groups of 4-15 individuals who meet together for a period of time to master the thirty-six core competencies we teach.   These competencies are equally divided among:


  1. biblical worldview
  2. biblical truths
  3. biblical character
  4. biblical behaviors


By mastering these four areas of discipleship, we believe we can produce healthy, multiplying and obedient followers of Jesus Christ. We also provide other groups for special needs.  For example, recovery from addiction, grief or divorce.


Small groups meet at various times throughout the week, including on Sunday during traditional Sunday School times.  They may meet on our campus, in homes or in other “third space” locations. Classes meet for six-week semesters, take two weeks to evaluate and re-form for the next six weeks based on groups' needs and interests.


Every Adult Member a Multiplying Disciple

To help every friend and member of FMBC become a multiplying disciple, we offer a variety of Bible study options.   Listed below are some short descriptions of the Bible studies we currently conduct :


Rapidfire-- Teacher: Mariko Dianga 

  • Meeting Time: 9:30 am Sunday Mornings
  • Description: Designed for both believers and seekers 
  • An approach to  Bible study that covers the entire Bible in a year
  • Rapid reproduction of disciples and discipleship groups
  • Building of relationships around the mission of the church
Men's Bible Studies-- Teacher: TBA
      • Meeting Times- Weekday evenings TBA*
  • Description- Studies Bible topics of interest to men

    SAFE--Stable and Free Eternally

    • Meeting Times—TBA
  • Description-- A support group style of Bible study designed to help people live in the emotional “SAFE Zone,” marked by peace, love,  joy, gentleness, kindness and self control.  Great for people struggling with emotional issues or addictions.

If interested in SAFE, please contact Pastor Tim privately.


*TBA- To Be Announced.  This means that after we see who is signed up, we will gather everyone together and agree on times and leaders.