The vision of Forest Meadow Baptist Church is to shake the nations for Jesus Christ by making disciples of all the world's people groups.


We begin our vision locally.  Our church is a Christian community that welcomes the mosaic of cultures living in our neighborhoods. Where needed, we establish culturally specific churches and ministries. We are a multi-congregational church, meaning we offer discipleship and worship opportunities in a variety of different languages and at numerous locations around the world. We start traditional churches as well as non-traditional (house) churches.  At our main campus on Church Road, we have services in English, Spanish, Oromo, and several Sudanese dialects.  We hope one day to have ten or more congregations working together at our Church Road facility.


To complete our vision, we go to the ends of the earth.  Our global missions vision is to share the love of Jesus Christ with all the peoples of the world, wherever they might be. Here in the United States, we have members who are active in local missions.  We also work extensively with the Great Commission Initiative, and in church planting ministries in Southern Sudan.  Our members have participated in short term mission trips in places like Hawaii, Honduras, Samoa and Mexico.  As God gives us disciples who have other missions interests, we will help them to go to make disciples as well.


At our church we don't distinguish between evangelism and disciple making.  Embracing Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God (evangelism) is the first step in a life of passionately imitating Jesus Christ (discipleship).  We long for the day that our church will be filled with groups of people who hunger for the Presence and Power of God, who follow Him with such passion and commitment that they radiate His Glory. 


While disciple making through church planting is our focus, we envision our churches transforming the communities and people groups in which they minister.  We long for the day that God allows us to have a real impact on world hunger, on poverty, justice and peace.