Our Family of Churches                   


in 2003, Forest Meadow was down to 20-30 in attendance.  Some were ready to call it quits, but God intervened and led the church to embark on an aggressive church planting ministry that has seen us begin three generations of new churches that number more than 88 congregations reaching more than 8500 people per week in worship.  Meanwhile FMBC has recovered somewhat, now averaging between 60-75 in attendance. 


To see a graphic representation of what God has done, click here for a Power Point show.  As you look at it, please recognize that our  bragging rights are like those of grandparents.  We take a lot of pride in what has been done and the small part we have played in the process, but we give credit to God and the people who did the hardest work-- the church planters themselves.  People like John Worcester, Edwin Makola, Joel Pulis, Antonio Mangefeste, Jeremy Standifer,  Kika Jamir, John Lay and Bob Paramore. 


We hope that as you see what God has done through our little church, that you will be encouraged to ask yourself the question, "What can God do with us?"  Or, 'How can I be involved in starting new churches that reach new people groups living in my city?"  If you want more information, please visit our sister website, www.mygci.org.